I use the term Symbolic Narrative to describe my art. It is a form of expression somewhere between realism and abstraction. As in realism, my work contains recognizable figures and objects. Yet, unlike historical narrative, the viewer is not being told a particular story of a past event, frozen in time. The viewer is assumed to be creating a personal story in dialog with the art form. The symbolic elements are given meaning only through dialog in the viewers mind. Thus, there is a connection between the search for understanding about existence, and the narratives which we each create in that search.
Madison, WI
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September 19, 2010
Robert Maynord's painting, "Blue Hair - From the Land" was awarded second place in the Hair for Charity art show in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
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Featured Artist Robert Maynord
Beauty ... is found in relationship, in dialogue and balance.

Spike Lavender Oil
A healthy alternative to turpentine
by Robert Maynord