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Art has always been therapy, respite and relaxation for me. Now it seems to be simply what I do with my time. It has become a mode of communication. My ideas, fantasies and emotions somehow find their way into my paintings. When I sketch my plan for a future work, my designs are a kind of automatic drawing, in much the same way someone would unconsciously doodle. The biomorphic (living form) designs, colors and images are what I call modern fantasy abstraction. When I look at these sketches, I edit and refine while looking for an understanding of what they mean. It is not always apparent, but usually becomes clear before the work is completed. At times there are afterthoughts during this process of revelation. Always there is a self-criticism, not only of design and color, but whether this work has enough meaning and individuality to exist beyond my mind. The creative processes continue during the painting of the work, and are not complete until a title becomes apparent and a frame selected.
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Abstract Serenade

Deja vu

The Edge of Time

September 3 - October 25, 2014
A 12" oil on canvas tondo entitled, Aviarium, by Roberta Scherrer will be shown at this exhibit.
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Wild Apple Gallery
210 Main St.
Menasha, WI

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