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Contentment 18"W X 36"H
Since 2000, I have devoted all my energies to developing my art. I have returned to my first love, oil painting. I have been called a "Colorist." I paint with vibrant, bold colors and with meticulous detail. With each painting, I express a certain mood or feeling that is conveyed through nature. I paint from life and photographs, which allows me to get the most detail and to push the colors found in nature My current oil painting series is “Nature into Flight”, including perennials, native plants, butterflies, birds and more. My inspiration is my garden, which I am constantly interacting with. I am also adding paintings to my previous “Aquatic” series, encompassing a waterscape I created in my backyard. My artwork is taken from life and photographs. This allows me to get the most detail and to push the colors found in nature.
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Capture a Moment

Let it Shine


July 25 - October 11, 2014
THE members: Dagmara Costello, Virgi Driscoll, JJ Joyce ,Michele Murphy, Darlene W. Rzezotarshki(ceramic sculpture) and Harry Wirth (watercolor) with guest a
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